Living Water – Mineral Concentrate


  • Enhances Cellular Hydration
  • Micro-Structured Water for Optimal Absorption
  • Replaces Lost Electrolytes for Athletes
  • Over 84 Vital Minerals and Trace Elements
  • Supports Digestive Function and Toxin Elimination
  • Boosts Energy Levels and Vitality
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Unlock the Benefits of Anchor Health’s Structured Living Water Concentrate

A Transformation for Your Water

Infusing purified water with Anchor Health’s Structured Living Water Mineral Concentrate brings a revolution in hydration. The water undergoes a transformation, adopting the characteristics of the concentrate. This results in micro-structured water molecules, breaking free from negative memory clusters. Instead of the usual 10-12 molecule bonds found in tap water, now they form in clusters of 4-6.

Maximizing Cellular Absorption

With this micro-structured water, your cells become more receptive, allowing your body to utilize over 90% of the consumed water. This makes ‘Living Water’ the ultimate hydrating solution, ensuring optimal cellular hydration.

Essential for Active Lifestyles

Anchor Health’s Mineral Concentrate is not just for hydration. Packed with over 84 essential minerals and trace elements, it’s a crucial electrolyte replenisher. This makes it indispensable for athletes and children engaged in rigorous physical activities.

Health Benefits at a Glance – Structured Living Water

Regulating Vital Functions

– Regulates body temperature
– Controls blood pressure
– Hydrates all body cells
– Supports bio-electrical impulses
– Aids in digestive function
– Facilitates toxin elimination

Multifaceted Boost for Well-being

Anchor Health’s Structured Mineral Concentrate is more than just a hydrator. It serves as a chemical conduit and energy booster, providing a holistic approach to health and vitality.

The Complete Hydration Solution

Reviving Your Water

Even if you have a Reverse Osmosis system, remember, water devoid of minerals is lifeless and ‘thirsty’. It seeks to restructure itself and draws vital minerals from your body. Ensure you replenish these minerals.

Your Portable Mineral Supply

On your trips, carry your own mineral supply. It ensures that wherever you go, you have access to the essential minerals your body craves.

Directions for Use

Getting the Most Out of Your Mineral Concentrate

Follow the directions on the respective bottles. Add 1ml (12 drops) to 1 liter of clean, alkaline water, typically achieved through Reverse Osmosis. This small amount goes a long way, turning 1 liter into 1000 liters of living water.

Tailoring Consumption to Your Body

For optimal results, consume 350ml of clean, mineral-infused water for every 10kg of body weight. This tailored approach ensures you get the most out of Anchor Health’s Living Water Mineral Concentrate.

Targeted Benefits for Improved Health -Structured Living Water

Anchor Health’s Living Water Mineral Concentrate addresses a range of health concerns, offering targeted relief for various issues such as muscle cramps, poor bone density, and weakened immune systems.

Elevate Your Well-being

From Hydration to Energy

– Improved hydration and oxygen levels
– Elevated energy levels
– Enhanced immune function
– Improved cognitive abilities

Beyond Hydration

In addition to replenishing lost minerals after physical exertion, this mineral concentrate aids in preventing muscle cramps and supports better cognitive functions. It can also be used for a range of health concerns including insomnia, sore throat, and hormonal imbalances.

The Ultimate Sports Drink

Replenishing What You Lose

When you work out and sweat, you lose vital minerals and electrolytes. Anchor Health’s Mineral Concentrate provides an essential replenishment, aiding in the prevention of muscle cramps.

More Than Hydration

This concentrate is not just a hydrator; it’s a comprehensive health booster, assisting in various bodily functions and even contributing to the prevention of conditions like cancer and gallstones.

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