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About Nanette

As I sit to put into words who I am and take time to reflect about the person I have become, I consider myself to be a committed and passionate person, and I bring these qualities into everything I do. I’m extremely family focused, and my husband and two children are the support structures that hold me up in good times and bad. I’m humbled to have been described by others as dynamic, organised, dependable and trustworthy, and I try every day to embrace these qualities in everything I do. I’m driven to always better myself and the lives of those around me and am not afraid of trying new things. I never give up and will always persevere with any new challenge until I get it right. And that is why I am passionate about all the products in the Youthful Elegance range as I have personally experienced how incredibly effective, they are both in my life as well as my immediate family. As I’ve got older – and as an older Mom – I really appreciate the need to stay healthy, energetic and mentally alert. Using the various products under the Youthful Elegance brand helps me reach these goals, and I am excited about helping other do the same.
Chief Elegance Officer

Is Your Health Ready For Winter?

Ready to face the colder months? As I opened up my emails this morning, one of the first ones I saw had a headline that read; “Is your health ready for winter?” This got me thinking about whether or not my health - and that of my family - is ready to face [...]

More Precious Than Gold or Silver

With the focus of this month on Mother’s Day, I felt it would be only right for me to share with you a little bit about my journey as a mother.For as long as I can remember, I have always had this need in me to have a child. Coming from a family of 4 [...]

Shed It Off And Soak It Up!

Helping You Reach Your Goals Just when we thought we may have managed to lose all the extra kilos that we put on from our Christmas break, we were struck with Easter and all those lovely chocolate bunnies (and who can resist the creamy dreaminess of a good Lindt bunny!) Seeing the smile on [...]

You have to sit still for this one

What is ADHD? Are ADD and ADHD the same thing? How can I help someone who has been diagnosed with ADHD? These are just 3 of the questions that come up during conversations with people that I speak to on a daily basis in my drive to help people young and old live [...]

Has Indigestion Got Your Tongue

You are what you eat. During the past months, all we have been hearing about is Covid this and Covid that and by now I am sure that many of us have been personally affected by this pandemic. One of the ways that we are able to look after ourselves and those closest [...]